Summer (firemen_addict) wrote in palmharlem,

cat needs a good home.

hey guys-
my asst manager sent me this and i figured i'd pass it along.

Hello one and all,
I write this in the hopes that one of you might be able to help. My parents are taking care of a very loving, adorable 2-3 year old tabby cat, he is a stray that someone dumped in the street after moving away. He is VERY affectionate and friendly, and could use a good home. Unfortunately, as much as my parents would love to keep him, the cat they already have just does NOT get along with the new fact she is quite jealous of him. LOL So, as a result, my folks have been trying to find a warm and loving home for the stray kitty. They tried putting an ad in the paper, but unfortunately (as is usually the case nowadays) it attracted nothing but weirdos, so no luck there. They have also asked around locally, as well as everyone else they know, but to no avail. Thus, my email to you all. :-)
If any of you know someone (perhaps an older person, who is home a lot?) who can give this little guy lots of TLC like he so desperately craves, please let me know.....write me back, and I will pass it along to my parents. The cat has had all his shots, is perfectly healthy and is VERY loving and sweet. All he needs is a good home to be pampered and adored. :-)
Thanks gang, and take care!
- Erik

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