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Would you be able to help?!!

Hey guys, I am trying to help out a couple of touring bands come through the area July 3rd.... The problem is that we have no local bands to help out promote or play the show... If you know of a band that would play on such short notice or anyone who can just help promote the hell out of this show to just get at least 10 kids out to this show, it would be rad....

Even if you can just come out and watch the bands, it would be appreciated so much....

On with the Rock....

Sunday, July 3rd, 7pm

Neptune Lounge

13 South Safford Ave, Tarpon Springs

Hometown Anthem, Stafford, and Morning abroad.

Again, if you can help in anyway, it would be super appreciated... even if you just come out and support these bands/ check them out, I'm sure they'd love you forever.

If you know of a local band, or if you're in one and can play this show to help out, please let me know.... or AIM:: Kristen3211

Thanks a bunch, and take care.
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